Beyond Benign & The Pfizer Foundation

Two years ago I began a new adventure in teaching and learning. I was invited by Maureen, a science buddy, and went to a workshop in Keystone Colorado called Green Chemistry. The workshop was hosted by the Keystone Center for Science and sponsored by the Pfizer Foundation. The workshop was a great “hands-on” experience for me with a rich interdisciplinary curriculum. Maureen and I brought back our experiences to my middle school students who love the it as well.

During the summer of 2007 I went back to Colorado to teach other teachers how to do Green Chemistry with their students; thanks Rachel and Marge! Rachel and I recently presented a few lessons from the curriculum at the International Technology Education Association’s Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, UT. The curriculum is available free to teachers, just pick the Green Chemistry link below.

Green Chemistry

Recently, one of the authors of the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry founded a new group called Beyond Benign. They committed to research and development of everyday products using Green Chemistry as well as continuing to write and deliver curriculum to K-12 teachers. For more information on Beyond Benign pick the link below.

Beyond Benign

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  1. […] conference next week, which takes place in Louisville, KY. I’ll be co-presenting along with Tom Pachera and Rachel Pokrandt of Beyond Benign, at a pre-conference workshop entitled “Teaching […]

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